Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS)

Central management for ClickShare and wePresent units in the organization

  • Health and status monitoring
  • Scheduling of software updates
  • User management
  • Clone configuration
  • Remote wallpaper installation
  • Smooth integration of ClickShare and wePresent units into the company network

About Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS)

Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS) is a must for large ClickShare  and wePresent installs up to 500 devices maximum. From one location, system administrators can manage the complete fleet of ClickShare CSE-200 and CSE-800 models and wePresent units throughout the company, in any location. This is especially useful in large corporations with multiple units of both types installed across different sites. The Collaboration Management Suite is a web-based tool, so the system administrator can use it anywhere, even remotely. The look and feel ensures an intuitive experience, with enhanced stability and security of the application.

Updating without interrupting

When scheduling software updates, the administrator can easily set the time for the update outside of business hours, avoiding meeting interruptions. With a single click, the latest firmware is available in the Collaboration Management Suite and ready to be installed on all units in the network. Configuring the units to the company's preferred settings is easier, by cloning a configuration and pushing this to all individual units. A real-time status overview of all ClickShare and wePresent Base units in the company network can be consulted. The CMGS makes it easy to integrate ClickShare and wePresent into the company network.

For ClickShare base units; Buttons will not interact with the Base Unit using its own Wi-Fi channel, but by using the company network, which is preferred by many IT departments, who want to keep strict ownership over all wireless communication in the company.

Push wallpaper to ClickShare and wePresent

Pushing wallpaper to all units in the company is possible. You can easily share motivational messages from the HR department e.g., increasing their impact. Other features include e-mail notifications (of new available firmware versions, or Base unit warnings), remote rebooting of units, and the ability to download log files. The Collaboration Management Suite is simple to install: you only need a (virtual) server, on which you install the software using the ISO image provided.

Plug&Play Server

Barco XMS-110 helps you save time, to help you focus on things that really matter as an IT-manager. The set-up of this preinstalled management server is a breeze. You just unbox the server, connect it to your network and start configuration. Get the central management solution up and running in no time. Barco XMS-110 is an enterprise grade appliance that hosts both on premise and remote ClickShare and wePresent fleet management.


  • Health and status monitoring (online, offline or disconnected from the network)
  • Scheduling of software updates (from a central location to anywhere worldwide)
  • User management (Assign usage rights in line with user responsibility, e.g. a facility manager can see all units in his facility, whereas his manager gets the full overview)
  • Facilitating the integration of ClickShare CSE-200 and CSE-800 units into the company network
  • Clone configuration: facilitate the configuration phase by pushing pre-selected settings to the Base units
  • Notifications via e-mail: new firmware available / Base unit warnings & system alerts
  • Wallpaper installation: pushing new wallpapers to any Base unit
  • Downloading log files
  • Remote rebooting of Base units

Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS)

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