Media Network Compositor

  • Uncompressed video composition over IP
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Medical-grade 

About MNC-180

Uncompressed and ultra-low latency video composition

The Nexxis MNC-180 network compositor provides Nexxis-based, uncompressed and ultra-low latency video compositing capabilities for the hybrid operating room and cath labs. The MNC-180 appliance provides an easy to integrate capability to allow for large-screen compositing of up to 8 simultaneous video sources.

The Nexxis MNC-180 network compositor is part of Barco’s Nexxis solution, which provides users with uncompromised networked visualization for the integrated operating room, cath lab and hybrid operating room environments. Nexxis adapters offer simplicity and flexibility in the OR while maintaining the highest possible performance standards and fitness for use in high-demanding medical environments.

The MNC-180 can be easily integrated in the Barco Nexxis environment via the central API provided by Barco's NMS 1.09 software or a higher version.


MNC-180 V2
MNC-180 V3
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