OLite 612

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About OLite 612

If you're looking for a cost-effective, high-quality LED solution for indoor as well as outdoor use, you have found the OLite 612. Fully IP-65 rated, it can withstand intense sunlight and rain with ease. In addition, its wide viewing angle and light output of 6,000 nits result in a sharp, conspicuous image from any perspective.

  • outdoor suitability 
(66 is the highest rating)
  • pixel pitch of an LED product, measured in mm
  • ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles


1. High visualization performance specifically in bright sunlight

  • Vastly improved contrast levels (due to new shader design)
  • Ultra high bright output (6000NITs calibrated)
  • Extreme viewing angles (145 degree horizontal, 80 degrees vertical)
  • Short color compound distances (SMD technology)
  • Rich deep accurate color reproduction (15 bit processing)
  • Superb color uniformity across entire surface of the display
  • Smooth greyscales even at low lights

2. Extreme reliability & ease of install/service

  • Rugged IP65 certified metal enclosures front & back
  • Heavy duty rental structure with large pre-positioning cones rugged locking and safety mechanisms
  • Hot swap modules
  • TUV approved for stacking up to 12 tiles high and trussing up to 15 tiles
  • WW service & support

3. Modularity & Creative freedom

  • Each tile breaks down into discrete modules which can be used outside the tile structure
  • Allows show designers to integrate LED technology in set designs, to create screens of any shape and size; to let video flow over structures and truly harmonize with the overall visual concept

4. High return on investment

  • Capable of being used in wide range of applications, both indoor and outdoor
  • Rentability in both IMAG and creative applications

OLite 612

OLite 612
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