Barco Certified Expert – Advanced Diagnostics and Service Smart Laser

Certification program for advanced diagnostics, service and maintenance certification for Barco Series 2 Cinema projectors

Course description

This course provides advanced diagnostics, service and maintenance certification for Barco Series 2 Cinema Smart laser projectors.  Participants learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot all boards and modules, including the projector’s complex subsystems.  During the course’s hands-on sessions, errors and problems are inserted into the projector, and students are required to fix each problem and return the projector to operational status.  With a small class size, each participant gains the requisite skills to successfully service Barco Series 2 Smart laser projectors.


  • Valid certification as a Barco Certified Specialist for Digital Cinema - Installation & Basic Maintenance
  • Students will be required to successfully perform an installation of a projector to Barco standards upon arrival
  • Important note: this course is geared to students with proven field Certified Specialist Installation experience. Each student must have performed at least 3 Barco Digital Cinema installations prior to attending the Advanced Diagnostics and Service course.

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Target audience

Installation Engineers, NOC Engineers, Field Service Managers


Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the class and the successful completion of testing, students will be able to:

Define the basic functions of all boards and modules

  • Define the functions of all boards and modules, at an advanced "flow chart" level
  • Define and troubleshoot the complex projector boot-up sequence in detail
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot all boards and modules
  • Perform projector "self tests" and explain the function of all error logs
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot all projector sub-systems
  • Install and remove the signal backplane
  • Install and remove the switch mode power supply and Laser Driver modules
  • Explain all LDM LED indications
  • Install and remove the lens holder and light engine
  • Service the cooling system
  • Perform basic "service technician" maintenance on a Barco DC projector
  • Perform advanced "service technician" maintenance procedures
  • Align the integrator rod
  • Perform "special" features on the Communicator
  • Define the concepts of DLP technology and the "workflow" of a DC projector
  • Explain the concepts of 2D and 3D projection
  • Define the basic concepts of light and color, as they pertain to Barco DC projectors
  • Perform a proper site survey
  • Unpack, align, and install a Barco DC projector
  • Operate all basic and advanced controls on a Barco DC projector and the Communicator
  • Program and edit macros, and all "file types" (e.g., screen and lens files, LSC files, etc.)
  • Install and remove a lens
  • Install and change a light source or laser cluster
  • Special full diagnostics on the air dryers, chillers and coolers
  • Converge the DMDs, and adjust focus uniformity on screen (Scheimpflug)
  • Perform basic troubleshooting, with knowledge of all "status light" and Communicator signals
  • Update all projector software (Barco and TI)
  • Navigate for information, software and Info Ts
  • Create "clones" and diagnostic packages
  • Conduct basic operations classes on site to train theater managers and operators


4 days



Spoken language



Barco Certified Expert (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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