Barco Certified Specialist – Installation and Basic Maintenance (only Xenon)

Certification for Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema projector installation and maintenance

Course description

This course provides certification for Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema projector installation and maintenance.  Participants learn how to install, set up, configure, troubleshoot, and provide basic maintenance for Series 2 projectors.  Topics include digital cinema theory plus an overview of all projector components. Additional topics include: upgrading software, the on-site installation process including site survey, troubleshooting, plus helpful tips and tricks. The key differences with Series 1 projectors will be highlighted during the course.  Over 50% of the course is devoted to hands-on activities in order to practice the learning.  Participants gain the requisite skills to successfully install Barco Series 2 projectors in a theater or exhibitor environment.



Participants should be familiar with Unzipping files, creating and renaming folders

Changing TCP/IP and network settings

Target audience

Installation Engineers

NOC Engineers

Field Service Managers


At the conclusion of the class and the successful completion of testing, students will be able to:


  • Define the concepts of DLP technology and the "workflow" of a DC projector
  • Explain the concepts of 2D and 3D projection
  • Define the basic concepts of light and color, as they pertain to Barco DC projectors
  • Perform a proper site survey
  • Apply best practices around unpacking, aligning, and installing a Barco DC projector
  • Define the basic functions of all boards and modules
  • Operate all basic controls on a Barco DC projector
  • Operate all basic controls on the Communicator
  • Program and edit macros, and all "file types" (e.g., screen and lens files, LSC files, etc.)
  • Install and remove a lens
  • Install and change a lamp and lamp housing
  • Converge the DMDs and adjust focus uniformity on screen (Scheimpflug)
  • Perform basic troubleshooting including knowledge of all "status light" and Communicator signals
  • Perform basic and "service technician" maintenance on a Barco DC projector
  • Update projector software (Barco and TI)
  • Navigate for information, software and Info Ts

Create "clones" and diagnostic packages

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Digital Cinema
    1. Quality of DLP Cinema Projection
    2. Digital Cinema Applications and 3D Highlights
    3. Digital Cinema Content Resolutions
    4. DCI Security Model and Specifications
    5. Color Gamut
  2. Projector Specifications
    1. Series 1 / Series 2 Comparison
    2. Series 2 Lenses
    3. Benefits of Lamphouse Design
    4. ACS-2048 Scaler
  3. Tools and Safety
    1. Tools Required
    2. Safety: General, Electrical, Ultraviolet and ESD
  4. Projector Installation
    1. 10 Critical Installation Points
    2. Site Survey Requirements
    3. Unpacking the Projector
    4. Pedestal and Projector Alignment
    5. Connecting a UPS
    6. Electrical Requirements, Safety and Connections
    7. Exhaust Connection and Installation
    8. Touch Panel Installation
  5. Projector Components
    1. Series 1 and Series 2 Components
    2. Input Panel and Keypad
    3. Lamp, Light Processor and Power
    4. SMPS, Fan Controller and Cinema Controller
    5. HD-SDI, ICP, LED Indications
  6. Communicator and Macros
    1. Setting the IP Address and Host Name
    2. Software Overview and projector file system
    3. Understanding Files and Macros, and hands-on Macro Building
  7. Creating Files
    1. Lens Installation and Homing
    2. Physical Setup and Alignment
    3. Lens and Projector Alignment
    4. Color Calibration and Verification
    5. Understanding LSC Files
  8. Lamps, Scheimpflug and Convergence
    1. Lamp Installation, reset and alignment
    2. Supported Xenon Lamps, Adapters and Torque
    3. Scheimpflug and Convergence
    1. Login
    2. Features and Benefits
  10. Specifying Lamps, Lenses and Projectors
    1. Lens/Lamp Calculator
    2. Factors Affecting Brightness
  11. Firmware Upgrades
    1. Upgrade Overview
    2. Barco Toolset and Current Digital Cinema Firmware Releases
    3. ICP and Enigma Update
    4. Clones and Diagnostics Packages
  12. Troubleshooting
    1. Basic Steps
    2. Diagnostics Companion and Test Patterns
    3. Dallas Key - TI Security Error
    4. Lamp Power Supply Diagnostics, Status Light Description
  13. Scheduled Maintenance
    1. Maintenance by an Operator and by a Certified Service Technician
  14. Cooling Liquid Refill and Refresh
    1. Draining the Liquid Cooling Circuit


4 days



Spoken language



Barco Certified Specialist (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

Training Schedule

Date Location Remaining seats
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 TR 1st FL Demo Room-Singapore 9 Sign up
Monday, July 8, 2019 TR RC1 Sacramento, California 2 Sign up
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 TR 1st FL Demo Room-Singapore 9 Sign up
Tuesday, December 10, 2019 TR 1st FL Demo Room-Singapore 9 Sign up

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